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Drive Electric Dayton

For owners of electric cars as well as people interested in learning about or buying an electric vehicle (EV) in Dayton and southwest Ohio.

Drive Electric Dayton provides electric car education and advocacy, including training, information, local policy and connections.

     • Organize ride and drive events to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for EVs
     • Participate in other community events to educate Dayton-area residents about EVs
     • Encourage development of EV charging stations
     • Engage auto dealers that sell EVs
     • Support work on local building codes and parking policies
     • Educate local elected officials and state legislators on EV-related policies

You’re invited to talk with our members about what it’s like to own an electric car, and even go for a test drive to see for yourself.

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News and Events

Learn more about electric cars and Drive Electric Dayton activities by reading our announcements and events calendar.


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