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10 Thoughts I’m Sharing With You Quickly

Drive Electric Dayton President Rap Hankins

By Rap Hankins, Drive Electric Dayton President

I’ve got a lot on my mind about what we have accomplished as Drive Electric Dayton this year. I know you’re busy, so here are 10 quick thoughts for you:

  1. The team comprising Drive Electric Dayton is amazing!

In less than one year, we have held and/or attended more than 80 events and presented the idea of owning EVs to more than 40,000 people.

This includes, but is not limited to, EV Me Out to the Ballgame, EVs Under the Stars, the Ohio Municipal League’s Fall Conference, the Ohio Energy Conference, and EVHybridNoire’s E-Mobility Conference in Washington, DC – just to highlight a few.

2. The myth that we need faster charging batteries and longer-range vehicles is exactly that, a myth.

82% of EV drivers charge at home with the average trip being 4.5 miles and no more than 40 miles per day. On long trips, EV range of 250 to 300 miles will get you to the next charger literally anywhere in the United States and Canada.

3. We are proud to see that Ohio is the first state to begin installation of the DC fast chargers with federal NEVI funding, (at the Pilot Travel Center at Route 42, exit 79/London, west of Columbus).

In the next several years there will be a fast charger every 50 miles along all major interstates in Ohio.

4. I am honestly frustrated with the politics of the nation.

I’ve seen the political headwinds change as we approach the presidential election in 2024. Legacy auto companies are complaining about higher environmental standards and how hard it is to make EVs. No one said it would be easy, but those suffering from global warming (which is everyone) need us all to step up and do our part.

5. Billions of dollars are being invested in green infrastructure.

Industry, scientists and manufacturers are feeling their way along this new and exciting frontier. Break-throughs are happening all around the world. Change is coming.

6. People are uncomfortable with change and new ideas, especially when it comes to electric vehicles.

Education and familiarity with change will help lessen the discomfort.

7. The lesson Drive Electric Dayton members learned in 2023 is “go where the people are.”

We participate in community festivals, parades and events across the Miami Valley. Instead of expecting people to attend events we organize, we also visit and support what our neighbors and friends already do. Then we encourage people to sit in our electric vehicles, test drive them, answer their questions and listen to their feedback.

8. Yesterday, I renewed my membership in Drive Electric Dayton.

We’re launching our membership campaign. If you feel the way I do and are hopeful for what the future will bring, please join us and become a member of Drive Electric Dayton. And if you’re already a member, I invite you to renew. Help us to continue the work that we are doing. You can find information on joining us today at:

Become a Member

9. I traveled last week to Los Angeles to receive the EV Awareness Award from Plug In America.

There are hundreds of deserving people who should receive a piece of this award: the staff, especially Chris Celek, our Vice President; all the individuals who help us organize events; and those of you who are members. You have all made this EV Awareness Award possible.

Thank You!

10. Special thanks to Black Environmental Leaders, Brent Boyd of Solclusion, Plug In America, and the Electric Vehicle Association – for their recognition and support. 

I am honored to be your President. We have much work ahead of us and will continue to expand our efforts.

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